Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Teachers of the Month for September

     Congratulations to the following teachers for earning the teacher of the month award for the month of September.  Mrs. Johnson is a 6th grade math teacher who greets every student at the door with a smile and a flash card.  She uses embeds technology into almost every lesson and has more energy then the energizer bunny.  Put all this together add in the many other little things Mrs. Johnson does and you get a wonderful and engaging teacher that has a positive impact on students.  Thank you Mrs. Johnson for all you do to make Cedar Valley a better place   Mrs. Persad is a 7th grade science teacher who goes the extra mile. She took pictures of all of her students, developed the film, and posted them around the room (tied in a learning activity to it as well) just in time for open house.  Mrs. Persad can take the stinkiest lesson (one involving compost) and turn it into a flowing learning moment.  She Persad also makes time to teach students the art of engineering and problem solving after school as she runs the robotics club.  Thank you Mrs. Persad for all you do to make Cedar Valley a better place.  Mrs. Blanton is a high school credit Spanish 1B teacher (8th graders) and she happens to be one of the most positive and energetic people you will ever meet.  She has a huge heart, plenty of patience, piles of passion, and is steadily smiling and taking care of her students.  Thank you for all you do Mrs. Blanton for making Cedar Valley a better place.

Johnson       Persad        Blanton
   Mrs. Johnson             Mrs. Persad               Mrs. Blanton

Sunday, December 25, 2011

Robotics club wins $1000.00 grant

     Congratulations to Mrs. Persad and the robotics club for being awarded a $1000.00 grant by Partners in Education (P.I.E.). The robotics club also recently competed in their first robotics competition, where over 40 teams competed. They respresented CeVMS well by bringing home the first place hardware. Congratulations Robotics club members. Keep up the great work and keep having fun while you do it. Picture: Mrs. Persad with the first place plaque.

Parent resources

In an attempt to provide parents with multiple resources meant to assist you with a pre-teen/teenage student both in an out of the classroom, we have established three locations for your use. The first place established to provide you valuable resources is our Parent Resource Room. In this room (located next to the Principals office), you have access to a computer with internet connection, paper, pencil/pen, and a desk to conduct research in a quiet environment. This room can be used by parent’s everyday from 7:30 to 5:00.

The picture below displays our parent library with relevant books and articles that are free for anyone to checkout.  There are several well written books that are excellent resources for a family with a growing teenager. These books and articles can be of assistance with issues seen in both the classroom and at home. You can find various ideas and suggestions to assist your student both academically and behaviorally. If you are interested in taking a book are articles home please check with Mrs. Guillory and she can assist you.  More books and articles are located in the library. 

Located (on the wall) outside the counselors office are several pamphlets’ that can be of assistance for various issues that parents and families are faced with on a daily basis.  Some of the flyers provide information about:  College preparation, foster care, various counseling services, nutrition, family care, teenage issues, and various other topics.  If you believe these flyers can be of any assistance to you and your family please check with the counselors (Mrs. Eickbusch or Mrs. Roberston) and they will get you the correct information.


Construction Update

Everything is going well with the construction of our new weightroom, restrooms, and gym.  They are scheduled to be complete this summer.  James Myers our on-site construction manager is doing a wonderful job communicating and teaming up with CeVMS.  As we left for the holidays, they were placing the crossbeams and in the gym and had just finished placing the roof on the weightroom.  Exterior brick will be the next thing they complete.  Below are some pictures of the most recent construction footage.

Weightroom to the right and gym in the background

This will be the new hallway leading outside.  Gym door on the right side of the picture.

4 year High School plans

     Mrs. Roberston and Mrs. Eickbusch visit classrooms in order to teach students about 4 year high school plans. The students learned what a credit is, what types of electives were offered and how they are tied to academies, how to get college credit, dual credit, advanced measures, the different graduation plans, and how to earn high school credit in middle school. Mrs. Robertson (428-2312) and Eickbusch (428-2314) did an excellent job laying a foundation. I encourage parents to call either one of these ladies or myself (428-2307) if you have questions about RRISD graduation plans and or academies. Below are pictures of Mrs. Eickbusch speaking with a 6th grade class about high school plans.  The link will take you to RRISD's course catalogue where most questions about graduation requirements can be answered. 


Albert Ramon (KVUE meteorologist) visits CeVMS

     Mrs. Lyons an eighth grade science teacher and our horizontal leader (curriculum leader for the eighth grade science team), invited Albert Ramon to be a guest speaker. Mr. Ramon shared his expertise, video, and pictures of meteorology with all the eighth grade students. Mr. Ramon did a wonderful job teaching and enriching CeVMS students about the power and au of weather. Thank you to both Mr. Ramon and Mrs. Lyon's for this experience and for differentiating the subject of meteorology for the students of CeVMS.

Read Mr. Ramon's biography by clicking on the link below: 


Saturday, December 24, 2011

Veterans Day Assembly - Pictures

Veterans standing for the pledge of allegiance.

Navy Veterans standing as the CeVMS band plays the navy song.  Veterans from other military branches sit in the honorary front row section.  We had approximately 30 veterans attend our assemblies.  Several veterans from Horizon Bay (Assisted living community) were also able to attend our assemblies.

A few of our theatre art students preforming a skit at the assembly.